Calcium & Vitamin Supplements

Calcee 500 Sachets (Calcium & Vitamin C)

Calcee 500 is indicated for the treatment of increased mineral requirements during pregnancy, lactation, in children & adolescents, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, prophylaxis against dental caries, as adjuvant in fractures and other illnesses, rickets.

Calcee-Plus Sachets (Calcium, Vitamin C & Vitamin B Complex)

Calcee Plus, a supplement indicated for the use during increased mineral & Vitamin B complex requirement like in growing children, pregnancy & lactation, debilitated & underweight patients, adolescents & active adults, old age, during use of antibiotics & chemotherapeutic agents and illness & convalescence.

Herr-C Sachets (Calcium, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid & Vitamin C)

Herr-C is a balanced formulation of calcium, vitamin B12, folic acid & vitamin C during pregnancy & lactation.

Aquavit Sachets (Calcium, Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin C)

Sugar-Free Aquavit, calcium & a multivitamin supplement is ideal for the diabetics and weight conscious individuals. Also indicated in growing children, during pregnancy & lactation, infectious diseases, surgery, burns and osteoporosis prevention.

Toxinil Tablets (Methionine, Choline Tartrate, Vitamin B Complex & Vitamin E)

Toxinil, a multivitamin combination with methionine is indicated for promotion of healthy liver function and detoxification processes.

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